Kirkwood Gas Coalition Welcomes You!

We are a group of landowners united in an effort to maximize economic development on the Marcellus Play while protecting the integrity of the land we call home.  We believe that development of our natural resources can and must be done responsibly, and seek to partner with those who share the same vision.  
Kirkwood, located in the Southern Tier of New York, is situated directly over the prime portion of the Marcellus Shale, with a host of unique attributes beneficial to development:
  • Located in the core (Tier 1) of the Marcellus Shale
  • Direct access to the new Millenium Pipeline
  • 11,000 contiguous acres (and growing!)
  • Located at the intersection of 2 interstate highways
  • Municipal water available for drilling
  • Municipal water within 3 miles of any well site
  • 100% cell service coverage
  • Access to railroad sidings
  • Close access to some of the largest Natural Gas markets in the country





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